64% of Shoppers Buying More Online – Are You Missing Out?

A recent Google global study on shopping found that 81% of respondents had shopped within the previous week but incredibly up to 64% of those with internet access reported shopping more online.

Chinese shoppers were top of the rankings followed by the Ukraine at 62% and Turkey at 61%. Brazil reported 56%, UK 55% and USA 40%.


How Big is the e-Commerce Opportunity?

The global online retail e-commerce market was an incredible 3.53 trillion US dollars in 2019 and projections are that this will reach 6.54 trillion USD by 2022 but 2020 has seen an acceleration of online shopping due to people spending more time at home due to Covid-19 and the acceleration is further driven by Millenials with 67% preferring to shop online. The trend is up and accelerating!

Which are the Biggest Markets

Business.com reports that China is the biggest market for online shopping at $672 billion with an annual growth rate of 35% but the American and European market are also very impressive. The US is a $340 billion online shopping market growing at 7.5% while the UK is a $99 billion market growing at 14.5%.

Want a Slice of the Pie?

Whether you are a shopper looking for great deals or cash backs on purchases, or a budding e-commerce entrepreneur looking to set up a money making website you cannot ignore the online shopping boom. You deserve a slice of the pie.

There are many videos online now produced by e-commerce gurus promising to teach you how to make millions from selling on Amazon but choosing that perfect product, buying stock, and managing the shipping to customers who purchase through the Amazon portal is costly and difficult. Choose the wrong product and you are finished with garage full of stock!

Of course, you can sign up as an Amazon affiliate and promote product groups risk free without worry of stocking or shipping, and while the commissions are less than you would make as a seller there is far less risk. However, it does not have to be Amazon. There are hundreds of companies specializing in thousands of different product types all willing to pay commissions for referral sales.

How to Start?

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Happy Shopping