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Welcome to OnlineEarner.biz.

My name is Dave Bateman, founder of OnlineEarner.biz and I’ve been working from home now for 15 years running a consultancy business and working with various affiliate marketing programs.

The idea of OnlineEarner.biz came about many years ago before even my consulting business started. I live in Hong Kong and at the time commuted from my home on Lantau Island to the other side of town, a journey which took over two hours and included a shuttle bus, a 30-minute ferry ride and several changes of subway train. I wasted 4 hours every work day in travel when what I wanted was to spend more time at home with my wife & kids. We live in a beautiful coastal town with beaches, swimming pools and country walks but I was never there.

In 2005 when the opportunity came to start working from home as a consultant I took it without hesitation. I was able to work the hours I wanted, mostly, and got to spend time with the family and take breaks to walk when I wanted to. I also had time to explore online affiliate marketing, during which time I made lots of mistakes, wasted time and money on programs which didn’t pay but learned a lot in the process.

2020 of course brought Covid-19 to the world which made life difficult for everyone and forced many to work from home. Many more unfortunately became unemployed and perhaps in need of the sort of income affiliate marketing can offer. With more down time also in my consulting business due to Covid-19 my thoughts returned again to Online Earner.



Online Earner.Biz

Through OnlineEarner.biz I hope to help others avoid the mistakes I made by promoting proven, reliable affiliate marketing & traffic or lead generation sites. Without traffic there is no business no matter how good the affiliate marketing program is so being sure you are using good traffic generation methods is essential.

You will never be asked to pay OnlineEarner.biz and most of the sites we recommend are free to join but we do make commissions from the affiliate marketing sites we work with and you will too.



Our Goal

Our goal is to build a network of people in the business of making money from affiliate marketing, sharing information on existing and new affiliate marketing opportunities.

Hope you enjoy our site and I’m sure you will have success with our recommended programs.

All the best,

Dave Bateman


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