Does Directory Maximizer Work?

Directory Maximizer is a directory submission tool which builds quality backlinks through directory submissions but what are backlinks, are they worth the effort and does Directory Maximizer work?

What is a website backlink?

A website backlink to your site is simply a link from a second website to your site and simple as this sounds these links are essential in generating visitors from search engines such as Google. When a second website links to your website it increases the reputation of your site and search engines will give your site a higher ranking.

One of the methods of achieving these backlinks is through directory submissions.

How does a directory submission work?

Online directories are large websites which list other websites, or blogs, by category very similar to the telephone directories which every home used to have and which listed local businesses by category. The visitor to the online directory will focus in on your website through layers of categories and sub-categories.

How important are backlinks?

Of course creating good content on your website or blog is essential in getting your sire ranked by the search engines but after that submitting your website details to an online directory is one of the most important steps you can take.

In fact, it does not take long to submit the details to a directory and will increase the reputation of your site pulling in the traffic you need for the site to be a success. However, there are thousands of directories and even after you have researched which are quality directories and created a short list you still have to repeat the submission to perhaps hundreds to build the links you need. What you need is an automatic directory submission service such as Directory Maximizer.

How does Directory Maximizer work?

Directory Maximizer is a directory of directories. It has over 800 directories in its database and you can submit your website to them all instantly or choose to submit to a smaller number. This might be preferred if your website is new because a sudden increase in backlinks may raise red flags to the search engine bots but for established sites this is less of a concern.


Directory Maximizer is a powerful tool to create backlinks to your website but as with all things powerful use it sparingly so as not to raise red flags with the traffic exchange bots.


You can sign up to Directory Maximizer here.