Review – Instant Paid Surveys

SurveyTime instant paid surveys is one of the best paid online surveys and an excellent way to earn extra cash online.

The online survey opportunity is improving as many survey providers recognize the need for a broader audience and offer multi-lingual surveys but not all online surveys are the same. Some don’t pay. Some take forever to pay. SurveyTime pays instantly and is hands down the best I have used.

What is SurveyTime?

SurveyTime operated by US based OP Vision Ltd is a user-friendly paid survey site which guides suitable surveys to each member based on the members profile. Members are typically paid USD1.00 per survey although when no dollar surveys are available you may be offered shorter 50cent surveys.

It is very important to answer surveys honestly and consistently. The more consistent your answers the more frequently you will receive invitations for new surveys by email and you can make several dollars a day. Not bad for 5-15 minutes per survey.

Will SurveyTime Pay?

Unlike most other paid survey providers SurveyTime pays immediately. No points scheme, no minimum payout and no delays. You may choose from a range of payment options but in every case payment is immediate.

How Does SurveyTime Pay?

SurveyTime offers a range of payment options. Personally I prefer PayPal but other options include Coinbase or gift cards from Amazon or Target.

How do I Sign Up?

Simple, just click on the banner. This will take you direct to registration which is totally free.


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