How to Build a List ?

I have covered methods of bringing potential customers to your site or business opportunity in my articles on Wealthy Affiliate, Traffic Exchanges, or Safelist Marketing but one of the most effective methods is to build a list of contacts interested in your products and willing to receive occasional updates from you on new products or opportunities.

The Money is in the List

The money is in the list. If you’ve spent any time exploring affiliate marketing or online business opportunities you must have seen that phrase a hundred times but what does it mean? Simply put a list is a group of customers who have signed up to receive emails or newsletters from you which detail products or services you have to offer. A list is your own private marketplace.

Lists are valuable commodities and can be very costly to build. There are low cost solutions such as using the list already built by a traffic exchange site or a safelist marketing site but these lists are not yours and your product or service is competing with every other members offering on these sites.

It is also possible to buy lists online although I do not recommend this. There is a trade in people’s contact details and you have no idea if the people on the list you purchased have agreed to receive promotions from you or anyone else.

The best lists are those where the individuals have signed up to your website or marketing and confirmed they are willing to receive promotions. This takes time using the traffic generation methods I mention in the introduction and accelerating the growth of the list can be expensive as well.

Yes, the money is in the list but it can cost a lot of money to build the list.

How to build a list cheaply?

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