How to Compose a Quality Tweet

Many people join Twitter and have no idea how to build a following with quality Tweets. This video by Kyle of Wealthy Affiliate University is a great guide on how to send a tweet but also how to compose a quality tweet.

It covers the following in detail

Where to find the “compose” tweet

Fairly obviously you will need a Twitter account in order to Tweet so if you have an account first log in, if you don’t have an account then  go to and sign up. While there please follow me at @bcchinasourcing

Next you look for the blue “Tweet” button you can see in this image with the red arrow or you can click “Home” menu directly underneath the Twitter logo. Either will take you to the Tweet edit window which looks like the next image below.





The different types of tweets you can create

In the image on the right you can see an area with “What’s happening” and this is where your text will go. To the right is the “Tweet” button which you use to Tweet your post but be sure you have checked everything first because you cannot edit a Tweet.

Below “What’s happening” are 5 icons as follows.

Image icon at the far left – click this to upload any image

GIF Icon – this allows you to insert a GIF from Twitter’s database. It should reflect the content of your Tweet.

Graph Icon – which looks like 4 horizontal bars is to select a survey Tweet. You can ask questions and invite answers from your network.

Smiley Icon – allows you to select emoticons for your post.

Timer Icon – allows you to schedule your post to send at a later date/time.

How to compose a tweet

A Tweet is a maximum of 280 characters including any URL you wish to promote. A countdown wheel will help you see when you are running out of space and if you overshoot the max your text will turn red. If you include an URL Twitter will generate a preview if no image selected.

When and why you should be tweeting

Tweets should be focussed on your message or brand and sent regularly but don’t tweet so frequently that your message becomes meaningless or ignored. Become recognizable.

How to properly use a hashtag #

Hastags or # before your keywords help your Tweet get indexed and help people following these keyword to find you. Hashtags are placed below your Tweet. For more on selecting keywords please visit my article Review Jaaxy Free Keyword Finder

How to add a page from your website into a tweet

This is simply done by inserting the page URL into the text area.

How to schedule a tweet

This is very easy to do using the timer icon mentioned earlier. Tweets can be scheduled at future date/time. If you have your own website uou can also use Plugins designed to resend Tweets on a predetermined schedule.

Please visit this link to view the video