How to get Traffic to your Site ?

Traffic is essential to any business and just like stores in a shopping mall, affiliate marketers or online business of any type rely on a flow of potential customers visiting and engaging with their sites.

In my Review Wealthy Affiliate Program I detail the training available which would teach anyone to build a money making website and get it ranked on Google so that traffic is driven to the site because of it’s content.

In my Review Traffic Exchange Program and Review Best Safelist Sites I explain how these types of traffic generation sites are used and I provided some of my favorite sites.

Here I am provided those two lists in one convenient location and hope the lists provided here will help you to access these options more conveniently.

Feel free to join through the links provided.

Traffic Exchanges

TE Command Post is a site which helps traffic exchange surfers manage their surfing monitoring available credits and earned commissions, and lists the best traffic exchanges. Many of these are listed below. TE Command Post is all about efficient surfing. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.

Traffic Ad Bar is one of my favorite traffic exchange programs already with high volumes of traffic but regularly offering 1000 clicks for  logging in and double surf credits. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.

Bucket of Banners or BOB has over 16,000 members and is a little different. Site owners can place code on their sites and earn impressions to get their ads seen on other sites in the network, but there are several more ways to earn impressions, for site owners and non-sites owners alike. Options include surfing to earn impressions, placing a link code into other sites, promote your ISP, Interactive Splash Page, earning from referrals and of course purchasing impressions. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.

Farm Traffic is one of the TE Command Post monitored sites and is a fun site on a common format offering daily bonus opportunities. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.

Farm Traffic

Established in 2000 WebmasterQuest is one of the more popular traffic exchanges and also included in the TE Command Post system. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.


Easy Hits 4U is one of the largest traffic exchanges claiming over 1,600,000 members and is an absolute must join. This is also part of the TE Command Post system. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.



Safelist Sites

European Safelist was established in 2007 and presently has over 16,733 members. Paid memberships are affordable but free members can email the total membership every 3 days. Solo Ad emails offer 1500 credits, solo ads 300 credits and standard credit emails offer 50 credits so accumulating 16,000 credits every 3 days is not difficult.

Join European Safelist Here



Pangea is a massive safelist of 126,075 members which we are told was formed when 23 old sites were combined. The owner claims to have been running sites since 1998. I cannot vouch for that but this is a seriously large membership. Concerns that emails might be lost among the volumes are eased because the membership is randomly assigned to 5 groups while the sender selects which group to send email to for each sending. Emails may be sent at any time but a minimum of 10,000 credits must be use and 5 credit emails read before one can be sent.

Join Pangea Here


Free SafeList Mailer was established in 2008 and is another very large site with 46,712 members. Unlike most safelist sites it only allows the reader to open one email at a time ensuring the reader spends more of the countdown time reading the email. Emails may be sent daily but with a minimum and 10 credit emails must be ready before an email can be sent. 150 credits are awarded for each email read and 1,500 credits are rewarded for sending an email.

Join Free Safelist Mailer Here


ListAdventure operates a level based membership which awards activity so while there are paid gold and platinum memberships even free members can receive awards by participating in the site. Free members can send emails to 1500 members every 3 days.

Join List Adventure Here


Adchiever has been in operation since 2010 and boasts an average email click through rate CTR of 4.27%

Join AdChiever Here


Global Safelist is one of the earliest sites established in 2005 and has over 19,500 members.

Join Global Safelist Here


State-of-the-Art-Mailer founded in 2010 SOTA has a membership of almost 41,000. As well as safelist email advertising the site offers PTC pages with fast payout.

Join State of the art Mailer Here