Will You Make Money with ClubShop ?

At the time of this update I have been a GPS Partner of ClubShop for 9 months. This article’s focus is how the ClubShop system claims to works and my experience with it. For an introduction please read Review ClubShop – Attract Prosperity With ClubShop.

If considering ClubShop then please understand there is a 30-day period as a Trial Partner when you are encouraged to follow the GPS training as much as it is and watch the multi-lingual library of videos which you watch your team grow. Trial Partners have reported that they see rapid growth of their team during this period and a new innovation is the Guaranteed Commission payable when GPS is activated during the 30-day Trial Partner period but then as I found there was much less growth after activation. Please read my article ClubShop Guaranteed Commission.

Here I will go into the ClubShop system in more depth.

How does ClubShop describe their Vision?ClubShop Vision

ClubShop states that it’s vision has not changed since 1997 which is “helping ordinary people to build extraordinary lives” and they define this further as follows.

  • To join individual consumers together to form a vast buyer’s
    cooperative, thereby gaining tremendous consolidated buying power so
    that our Members may purchase products and services at the lowest
    possible cost.
  • To extend the advantages of the Free Enterprise System to anyone who seeks to increase their monthly income.
  • To promote the principles of freedom and democracy that are embraced within the U.S. Constitution.
  • To encourage the development of a vast, self-sufficient,
    economic community of “people helping people” and the individual
    development of the whole person.

The core of the ClubShop system is therefore the ClubShop Mall and the membership using and promoting the Mall benefiting from cash backs and commissions on purchases and membership. To achieve this ClubShop developed a system which they call the Business Circle.

How does ClubShop describe the Business Circle?

In simple terms the Business Circle is defined as follows.

  • The company invest in ongoing centralized advertising campaign to keep building the TangiWorld Community.
  • Thousands of new ClubShop Shoppers and Affiliates sign up every day.
  • A percentage of these members decides to subscribe GPS
    (Global Partner System) and become Partner, to get all they need to
    put their business on auto-pilot. Including the right to a specific
    number of monthly advertising shares, which means they get a precise
    number of shoppers/affiliates into their team every month and earn
    commission from their purchases.
  • Shoppers, Affiliates and Partners have big incentives to
    shop regularly at thousands of ClubShop affiliated stores to earn
    cashback and save money online and offline.
  • The more members and partners, the higher the budget the
    company can reinvest in new and bigger advertising campaigns, the
    easier affiliates and partners increase their buying power AND monthly

To pull together the threads of the ClubShop opportunity they developed the Taproot Network Strategy or TNT which has the purpose of increasing your monthly income to achieve a stable residual income.

How does ClubShop describe the Taproot Network System?

The Taproot Network Strategy or TNT has the purpose of increasing your monthly income to achieve a stable residual income through three elements, Cooperative Advertising, Bottom Affiliate Pool and Vertical Lines.

Cooperative Advertising – Understanding that most people who want to make money online so not understand marketing or advertising, ClubShop developed Cooperative Advertising through which every ClubShop Partner is entitled to a number of new affiliates or shoppers each month depending on the type of GPS subscription chosen.

Bottom Pool – All ClubShop Members are placed into a Pool, which is fed by the GPS of all your up line
partners, who are helping to build your team of shoppers, affiliates and partners.

New affiliates can decide to become Trial Partners for a free 30-day period and immediately leave the pool joining the first available position in a Partner’s Vertical Line.

Vertical Line

Vertical Lines – As soon as you decide to accept a Trial Partner position you immediately move into the first available position in a Partner’s Vertical Line and the entire pool is available to you. The faster you become a Trial Partner the more new Trial Partners are placed under you in the Vertical Line from the pool. You then please have 30 days to activate your GPS, become a partner and overtake all the Trial Partners above you.

As a partner you earn commissions on any purchases made by any Shopper, Affiliate, Trial Partner or Partner on your Team including those on your vertical line and in your affiliate pool.

Each Partner can have up to 6 Vertical Lines and each Vertical Line ends in a Pool. Each time a Vertical Line is complete with 6 partners the line the TNT system starts building the next Vertical Line and so on.



While I can confirm that I have not lost money with ClubShop the unfortunate fact is that after 9 months I have not made anything like the income which justifies the time I put into it. Despite the guaranteed commission offer the facts are that trial members still do not activate and those who do often do not renew subscriptions. I can also confirm that I have seen product sales from the ClubShop Mall but commissions are small and are only payable after 60-days.

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