Is Airtm a Scam?

Earn with AirtmI was first introduced to Airtm as one of the TimeBucks preferred payment options but until then had not heard of it. I was interested to learn that it was actually the leading platform in Latin America to send or receive payments in dollars without restrictions or limits. Users may add or withdraw funds with more than 200 payment options and there is no cost to send or receive dollars from any Airtm wallet. Cryptocurrency is also accepted but what’s more members can actually make money with Airtm by referring new members who make transactions.

How to use Airtm?

Airtm is an e-wallet offering over 200 payment options. Users hold their money in either USD or cryptocurrency and can send and receive money domestically or internationally. There are no fees.

To get an Airtm account first sign up here

Then deposit funds to your Airtm wallet using one of the accepted methods including wire transfer, cryptocurrency using one of many accepted e-wallets. Instructions in the Airtm user control panel are very clear to follow.

Please note that you will need to submit verification documents such as passport or ID image or driving license or your account will be limited to USD1,000.


Can I transfer money from Airtm to PayPal?

PayPal is one of the standard options available in the Airtm control panel. Simply add your PayPal email address, select the amount and click submit.

Is Airtm available everywhere?

Airtm has handled over 650,000 transactions in over 120 countries worldwide.

Can I make money with Airtm?

Airtm operates a referral system through which users may receive $1 AirUSD or more for every invitee that completes all invite requirements.



Airtm is an excellent service with very good reviews online. It enables the user to easily manage money without relying on traditional banks through a network of trained local cashiers or a range of e-wallets, or with traditional platforms.