Is CoinPayU a Scam?

In this review I’ll take a look at CoinPayU. I joined this site recently and have been exploring the money making opportunities but before I did I checked out their rating on TrustPilot which have them a great 4-star report from 75 reviews. In fact 55% of reviews were excellent and 24% great but there are a few disgruntled reviews.


What is CoinPayU?

CoinPayU is a fairly new advertising site launched in 2019. The website is and it offers members the opportunity to earn Bitcoin through a range of activities such as viewing advertising, downloading apps and playing games.

The site has a very clean, easy to navigate format. The ads and games load very quickly.

What issues have I found?

Cointpayu TwitterRecently I experienced a number of ads where after the countdown ended the usual message confirming earnings was replaced by “this ad does not exist”. In fact on their Twitter site CoinPayu reported this was due to incorrectly loaded advertising and had taken action.

CoinPayU has a very active Twitter account and appears well liked.

How to earn with

There are multiple earning options including Offers and three types of View Ads as follows.

Surf Ads – Simply click on an ad and the page will open in a new tab while a clock counts down between 10 and 30 seconds depending on the ad. Do not close the ad page till the window opens on the dashboard page confirming you have received the number of Satoshi due.

Window Ads – This is very similar to Surf Ads but after clicking the ad the website opens and a scrolling bar will tell you when you have viewed the page long enough. Don’t leave or close the page or you will have to start again. Again a window will open on the dashboard page after countdown to confirm you received payment.

Video Ads – In this case you click a thumbnail of the website which opens in a new tab. You need to start the video then at the bottom of the video a clock counts down. Then after the countdown click the visit website button to get paid.

Offers – There are so many offers that I cannot detail all here but there are the usual surveys and apps to download plus a host of games or quizzes which can be great fun. Offers are great earners, much more valuable than the Ads but also much more time-consuming and some quizzes can be challenging. However, once you find a survey, game or quiz provider you like its simple to return to the same and generate higher earnings.New are being added so it’s a good idea to explore.

How to increase earnings?

Members can increase earnings from referrals and referrals can be purchased.

Affiliate members may also increase earnings by becoming paid partners. The following chart shows the options available at the time of writing.

How to save money?

CoinPayU has a points system which encourages activity.

For every earned 10,000 Satoshi in surfing advertisement +1 point

For every 100,000 Satoshi spent on advertisement +1 point

Lack of activity in 7 days -1 point

After earning 101-1000 points the member receives a 5% discount in advertising costs and upgraded membership. Over 1000 points and the discount is 10%.

How to cash out?

There are several options to cash out including Bitcoin, Payeer, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and Faucetpay. Take your pick.

While this is a fairly new site it is getting good reviews, is answering and taking corrective action on issues and has a program of improvement clearly posted on the website and Twitter which is very positive.

I recommend trying CoinPayU for yourself.

You may sign up to CoinPayU here.

Join CoinPayU Here