Is Honeygain a Scam?

Is Honeygain a Scam?

Honeygain is a legitimate opportunity to generate a passive income stream with no effort on your part.

What is Honeygain?

Honeygain is a crowdsourcing network which supports businesses looking to gather information for marketing and business research purposes.

They do this by using your unused internet data for their network and pay you for providing them with this capacity. Your phone or PC has an internet connection with a certain capacity per day. You rarely if ever use the max capacity you are paying for from your internet provider and it is the difference between the max and what you use that Honeygain uses and pays for.


What do I do to get paid by Honeygain?

Absolutely nothing!

In fact when you sign up you will be awarded a $5 bonus to get started. Cash out is at $20.

Use this link for your $5 Honeygain bonus.

Just sign up, download the app and it runs in the background. You may even forget it’s there until you get a notice of payment.

At present the app is available for Windows, Mac, OS and Android. The iOS app is not yet available. I am running Honeygain on my PC and don’t even notice it but you can run on multple devices to increase income. If you are running on an old Android phone with limited battery life you may find it drains the battery. On the other hand if you have an old device linked to the internet which may be left on power then you can set up and forget.

Another income from Honeygain is through referrals. You will be given an affiliate or member URL and will be awarded 10% for friends who sign up.

How do I get paid by Honeygain?

Minimum payout is $20 and when your earnings meet the minimum a payout button will appear. There is no requirement to cash out at $20 and no maximum limit so if you prefer you can continue to earn to the amount you wish before cashing out.

After you request payout you have the choice of PayPal or Bitcoin. Payments to PayPal are in USD through Tipali and normally take 2-3 working days. You will need a Bitcoin wallet to receive payment in Bitcoin and enter the address in the payout window. Payment by Bitcoin can take 2 working days. In both cases you will receive a 2FA code by email to authorize the payout.

Unfortunately for PayPal payments Tipali does take fees. For US residents the fees are USD1.00+ 2% up to USD21.00 and for non-US residents the fees are USD1.00


Honeygain is simple to install, unobtrusive app which will generate an income stream silently in the background. Add it to your multiple streams of income. Download the app here and get $5 to start.