Is LeadsLeap a Scam?

LeadsLeap comes highly recommended by Profit Hoopla as a priority program to join and for very good reason. However, what is LeadsLeap all about?

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What is LeadsLeap?

Launched in 2008 and owned by Kenneth Koh, LeadsLeap is a platform of resources and tools designed which drive free traffic to your affiliate marketing or e commerce site generating leads which convert into sales.

The basic membership is free and Pro membership only $19.90/month.

Read on for more information but if you know already that LeadsLeap is for you then …

How does LeadsLeap Make Money?

Advertising is perhaps the most obvious way that LeadsLeap helps promote your business. Members can create and promote their own ads to over 150,000 LeadsLeap members which is a significant market for free advertising.

Widgets are another form of advertising supported by LeasLeap and the advertising widget can be used by blog owners generating an income from ads that are clicked by visitors.


Social Reviews are another way to generate traffic. You simply publish a review on any program you are using to the LeadsLeap Social Review directory, this gets ranked on Google and traffic is generated. I also recommend Wealthy Affiliate for training on writing reviews.

10-Level Downline Builder is a great way to generate recurring commissions simply by recruiting members to LeadsLeap and encouraging them to continue the process down the line. As with all such multi-level marketing or MLM systems the result is only as good as the effort you and your downline put into it.

One Signup A Day Strategy is a rebrandable, free ebook guide which can be used to attract new leads to your downline and build your list.

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PopupXpert is a web based pop up generator for those who own their own sites and is used to generate an opt-in list for your email marketing campaigns complete with autoresponder. If you don’t yet have your own site I recommend signing up with Wealthy Affiliate. Start as a free member and test the training for yourself.

Autoresponders are essential tools for anyone who creates an email marketing campaign and your LeadsLeap membership includes an autoresponder.



No matter where you are on the affiliate marketing path LeadsLeap offers valuable tools to build your business and I recommend you join. Take the free membership to start with and upgrade when you feel the need to grow. Start building your business with LeadsLeap today.