Is Online Shopping the Solution this Christmas?

In the future 2020 will remembered for only one thing. The Covid-19 pandemic which has affected us all so badly and now as we approach the final quarter of the year those of us who celebrate Christmas are wondering what sort of Christmas will it be?

Many of us will be under some sort of lock down or living under restrictions affecting gatherings, restaurants, bars, pubs and clubs, and high street shopping may even be difficult or perhaps unsafe.

Many of us have also seen our finances affected this year with jobs lost or hours cut. Few of us will have the spending power we had last year.

In my recent article 64% of Shoppers Buying More Online – Are You Missing Out? I detail how large the online shopping boom has become this year and this offers a solution to Christmas 2020 shopping worries allowing shopping from the safety of your own home but shop early because demand could put pressure on delivery services.

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Happy Shopping