Review Best Safelist Sites

The money is in the list. You must have heard similar many times but simply put having a list of contacts sign up to receive your newsletter or marketing material is like having repeat customers walking into your store.

Unfortunately email marketing developed a bad reputation as email marketers unable to build their own legitimate lists resorted to buying lists from brokers. Spam was born and grew at an alarming rate from the 90s. A report from 2014 estimated that Spam accounted for 90% of total email traffic. One solution for marketers who have not developed their own contacts list and which allows a spam-free environment in which emails can be sent to a willing list of recipients is Safelist Marketing.

This article will focus on the best safelist sites. For traffic exchanges please read my Review – Traffic Exchange Sites.

What is a Safelist Site

As the name suggests a safelist site is a site which provides a safe or Spam-free email marketing network. Most are free to join and members agree to receive emails from other members. These emails carry a link to be clicked to visit the site being promoted and in return for spending time at the site earn credits. These credits can then be used by the reader to send his own emails.

Free members may be allowed to send emails daily, or every few days if enough credits are available. Credits can also be purchased.

Most sites offer paid memberships or upgrades which usually come with a certain number of credits per month or other benefits. Members can also promote the safelist site as affiliates receiving financial rewards for referrals who become paid members or order other advertising.

Other advertising methods on safelist sites are similar to traffic exchange sites such as banner and text advertising but ultimately both forms of marketing are intended to direct the reader to a site being marketed or promoted.

How to Choose the Best Safelist Sites

There are many safelist sites available. I personally promote my marketing emails to 35 safelist sites and have discarded 11 others for various reasons. My top 10 sites are below. New sites with small memberships appear frequently and should not be ignored because getting in early on new sites with growing membership can be a benefit but mainly I focus on established sites with good membership numbers. There are some very large sites you must join but you do need to commit to many credits per email to avoid your email being lost on the massive amounts of emails sent every day. How you present your email is also important in it being seen and read.

How to Write a Good Email

Most safelist sites require that you use G mail to avoid emails going into spam folders but also many ask for two G mail accounts, one your contact email and one for the large numbers of marketing emails you will receive from members. When writing your email you need to remember that the recipient will first see your email as part of a long list of subjects in G mail.

You will receive credits for contact emails as well as credit emails but some sites have solo emails as well as credit emails and may charge the advertiser for the solo emails and offer more credits for the readers of these. Savvy readers will go for solo emails first before reading the standard credit emails meaning that if you are basing your advertising on free membership you are competing with paid solo emails as well. Thankfully good sites insist on readers clicking a number of credit emails as a minimum requirement however you need to consider how to write your email for impact.

How to Write a Subject Line

As explained earlier a good eye-catching subject line is most important because without that your email may never be read.

Nothing is more eye-catching than the readers own name so if your safelist site allows you to personalize the subject line by automatically inserting the readers registered first name as in [FIRSTNAME] then do use this.

Next use a call for action. Subject lines with action words such as “Buy”, “Download”, “Order”, “Take” for example give the reader an instruction on what to expect in the email.

Short and to the point. Subject line space is usually limited so keep it short.

How to Write Content

Your subject line and content or text body should be aligned. The email should expand briefly on the subject line but contain the same key points of using the reader’s name, clarity and key to action. The first paragraph has to pull the reader in and explain why the email is relevant to the reader but ultimately the email is to encourage the reader to sign up on the splash page or sign up page after clicking the link.

When readers are surfing through a list of emails, attracted to the subject line, and searching for the credit link within the email you literally have a couple of seconds to get a message across. Don’t write pages of text because the reader will see overload and scroll down immediately to the credit link.

Are you interested in learning more about writing content? Visit the Wealthy Affiliate site content walk through here.


My Best Safelist Sites

As mentioned earlier I post emails to 35 safelist sites and cycle through so many each day but here I will offer my top 10. Feel free to click the name links and take a look at each before deciding which to join.

European Safelist was established in 2007 and presently has over 16,733 members. Paid memberships are affordable but free members can email the total membership every 3 days. Solo Ad emails offer 1500 credits, solo ads 300 credits and standard credit emails offer 50 credits so accumulating 16,000 credits every 3 days is not difficult.

Pangea is a massive safelist of 126,075 members which we are told was formed when 23 old sites were combined. The owner claims to have been running sites since 1998. I cannot vouch for that but this is a seriously large membership. Concerns that emails might be lost among the volumes are eased because the membership is randomly assigned to 5 groups while the sender selects which group to send email to for each sending. Emails may be sent at any time but a minimum of 10,000 credits must be use and 5 credit emails read before one can be sent.

Free SafeList Mailer was established in 2008 and is another very large site with 46,712 members. Unlike most safelist sites it only allows the reader to open one email at a time ensuring the reader spends more of the countdown time reading the email. Emails may be sent daily but with a minimum and 10 credit emails must be ready before an email can be sent. 150 credits are awarded for each email read and 1,500 credits are rewarded for sending an email.

ListAdventure operates a level based membership which awards activity so while there are paid gold and platinum memberships even free members can receive awards by participating in the site. Free members can send emails to 1500 members every 3 days.

Adchiever has been in operation since 2010 and boasts an average email click through rate CTR of 4.27%

Global Safelist is one of the earliest sites established in 2005 and has over 19,500 members.

State-of-the-Art-Mailer founded in 2010 SOTA has a membership of almost 41,000. As well as safelist email advertising the site offers PTC pages.

For a full list of traffic sites visit here.

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