Review ClubShop – Is ClubShop a Scam?

I must admit that I was skeptical when I checked out ClubShop because I always doubt claims of auto-pilot income. I have also expressed doubts in my blogs but ClubShop continued to address members concerns and develop solutions which kept me coming back. Unfortunately the latest innovation, the Guaranteed Commission on activation of the GPS during the 30-day Trial Partner period, has not achieved what I was expecting. Please read my article ClubShop Guaranteed Commission.

This is an overview of my own experience of ClubShop. To explore further please read my article Will You Make Money with ClubShop ?


What is ClubShop ?

ClubShop is an established program started back in 1997.

The goal of the ClubShop business is to help its members build a legitimate $6,000 per month income within 24 months.

Members sign up free as affiliates and then if they like what they see they may register as Trial Partners. To do this they select the Global Partner System (GPS) level they wish to start at which should be the level most affordable because in 30-days they will be expected to confirm their GPS level. However, what’s should be great about this program is that the Trial Partners build a team which should then be generating significant income when they confirm their GPS level provided everyone else is doing the same.  The new start up guaranteed commission does help.

What is GPS ?

GPS stands for Global Partner System and every GPS includes …

1. A fully managed advertising service attractive new customers and affiliates to the members online shopping mall.

2. Every GPS includes a specific number of COOP advertising shares which depending on the GPS level guarantee a number of new members into the Partner’s team. Additional COOP shares can be purchased any time.

3. TNT which is ClubShop’s exclusive marketing strategy which is the core feature of the program allowing it to operate virtually on auto-pilot.

4. ClubShop’s dedicated support system manages all the Partners’s team needs taking the pressure off the Partner. No more having to handle down line’s questions. These are all answered by Customer Care through the site or on Facebook.

5. Vendor Management. ClubShop manages and maintains the online Mall so that the Partners don’t have to worry about suppliers, stocking or shipping.

6. The Cashback Loyalty Program encourages repeat visits and buyers to the Online Mall. Cashback are available through PayPal, AdvCash etc,

7. Detailed financial data reporting showing how much you earn and from where.

Which GPS ?

While a GPS level has to be selected for Trial Partner status in fact as a Partner you can change your GPS level to a higher or lower one month by month as you wish. The following table shows the benefits of each GPS Level.


Will I Achieve USD6,000/month in 24-Months ?

While ClubShop does include aspects of the auto-pilot business they claim, and now offers a Guaranteed Commission on activation of GPS during the 30 day Trial Partner period,  achieving USD6,000 in 24-months is still based on a perfect system of trial partners activating and maintaining their GPS as paying partners. Yes, there are also commissions from Mall purchases but overall the system still depends on the commitment of affiliates to become Trial Partners, of Trial Partners to activate their GPS and Partner to renew their GPS monthly, all this has to happen every month to achieve the claimed target.

I cannot say that ClubShop is a scam because I have been paid something monthly but I have too many doubts to continue with the program.

i. It is not possible to contact team members unless subscribed to the GPS Pro level at $49.90/month. I upgraded one month to gain access to my own personally sponsored members but also contacted the affiliates who had not activated their GPS after the trial period. I received emails telling me many did not know anything about ClubShop. I have to wonder where these affiliates came from if they didn’t sign up?

ii. I was removed from the ClubShop Facebook group, perhaps for asking too many question, but generally the group is an unhappy one filled with people who do not understand what they are doing in the program or are unhappy that they are not earning commission.

iii. I have put a lot of time and effort into promoting ClubShop but have not made money.

In conclusion, to stand a chance of making money with ClubShop you need to be able to commit to GPS Pro while building your own downline and need a good slice of luck that you build a team as committed to investing monthly as you are. The majority of members do not seem to be making money so in my opinion ClubShop fails in it’s vision.

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