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Many people regard all crypto currency mining as a scam and there are many scams out there. There are others which are not scams but which carry an overload of flashing advertising and pop ups. Is CryptoTab different?

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What is Crypto Currency?

It is generally stated that Bitcoin, created by Satoshi Nakamoto in 2009, was the first cryptocurrency and it is definitely the best known but an American, David Chaum, proposed ecash in 1983 and in 1995 implemented the system known as Digicash. Others included a proposal by the NSA in 1996, b-money by Wei Dai in 1998.

Cryptocurrency is a digital currency working typically on decentralized blockchain technology making it possible to make secure payments without the need to disclose the names of parties involved. The blockchain holds the records of all transactions.

Bitcoin is one of many cryptocurrencies and is the currency mined by CryptoTab. More accurately CryptoTab mines Satoshi. Each Bitcoin is 100 million Satoshi.

What is CryptoTab?

CryptoTab claims to be the world’s first browser with mining features with 10 million users worldwide. It promotes 5 reasons to use the CryptoTab Browser and I will expand more on these.

Reason 1 – Earn while surfing the web

Both the CryptoTab browser and mining do what is claimed but keep in mind that mining does use available CPU resources on your hard drive and how successful your mining is depends on how much CPU is available. A key to the limitations of your own CPU is mentioned in screen shot above and that is inviting new users to the mining network via your private link. You will benefit from a percentage of the mining accomplished by your referrals and this really is the key to making money on CryptoTab.

Reason 2 – Fastest built-in mining algorithm

CryptoTab Fast Mining

When I started using CryptoTab I did find that my CPU resources were limited but I was also doing a lot of work on videos and traffic so understandable however I was lucky to have a notebook which was not being
used and it is now dedicated to CryptoTab mining while I work on the
newer machine.

CryptoTab does offer a paid Cloud Boost option which does boost mining and I use this daily. One minor irritation is that the boost has to be manually enabled from time to time which means that at some point during the night I do lose the boost and enable it again in the morning.

Reason 3 – Switch to the new browser in a click

CryptoTab Browser Options

This is a smart user-friendly set up which does help eliminate worries of moving from the browser you are used to but then again if you do use multiple machines you can keep the browser you are used to on your work machine.

CryptoTab has a very helpful FAQ section offering guidance in all aspects of setting up but it is a very user-friendly process.

Reason 4 – Enjoy all of your favorite Chrome extensions

Chrome Extensions

This is another smart user-friendly aspect which eases fears over using the CryptoTab browser but for me is less important since I primarily use it for the mining.

CryptoTab Start is a Chrome extension with all the usual to-do lists, bookmarks etc and offers weather, HD backgrounds and other useful features.

Reason 5 – Using CryptoTab on all your devices

Multiple Devices

This is definitely a big plus and I can confirm by experience this does work. My main mining is on a dedicated machine but I also have Cryptotab on my work machine for when needed and on my mobile for when traveling. Simply download CryptoTab to each device and log in using your preferred social media platform.

Does CryptoTab pay?

That is a resounding yes. You do need a Bitcoin Wallet but cash out is only 0.00001BTC and I cash out every day or two.

There are many Bitcoin wallets available. I use Coinbase with CryptoTab and cash outs usually arrive within 1 working day.

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