Review Scam?

First I want to be clear that this is a review of because there are other “MoneyGuru” sites out there which may, or may not be legit but is absolutely a scam.

Second I want to be clear that I did join around 28th July 2020 and did not do my homework before I did so this review is based on my own experiences and research since joining. I hope everyone will do their own research before joining this or any any site and avoid this one.

This is a screen shot of the site.

Who is ?

The website was registered on 25th June 2020 by NameCheap, Inc of Panama.

The website front page shows an address in the Netherlands but no company name. I cannot confirm this is the same company but according to the address and VAT number belong to The Next Web BV. Details are available here at this link.

What does claim to be? claims to be a legitimate free GPT (get paid to) site and promises to pay for clicks on your referral link, referral sign ups and completing simple tasks such as app installs, surveys and incentive offers.

I noticed tasks and apps did not change so on 30th July 2020 I emailed the person who was supposed to be my account manager, Lenah Browns at but did not receive any reply.

2020-08-16 Update – interestingly the day after I posted this review, almost 3 weeks after my email. I did receive an email from  suggesting I use multiple devices to claim against the same apps multiple times or bring in more referrals to generate more revenue….. read on.

What does claim to pay? claims to pay $10 to each new member and when you sign up $10 does indeed appear in your account balance.

Further claims are that they pay $5 per referral, $5 for downloading apps, $0.20 just for clicks to the referral link and between $1 and $5 for other tasks. The amounts are generous, but not outrageously high, and the $0.20 for clicks to the referral link is very attractive. Interestingly it is mentioned first on the “How does it work?” section because it is attractive.

Red Flags

RED FLAG: The first red flag for me was the fact that my account manager did not exist but with more research there are so many red flags that nobody should sign up for this.

2020-08-16 Update – someone did reply from the email address a day after this review and 3 weeks after my email.

RED FLAG: The domain was registered on 25th June 2020 but on the front page they claim to have paid out $44,700,000+ which as of the time of writing this scam alert is less than 2 months. Did they really pay $750,000 each day?

RED FLAG: The FAQ section states their parent company has been around since 2010 they do not provide any information on themselves or their parent company. They also claim 730,000 members and again repeat the $44,700,000 payout figure.

RED FLAG: does offer an address and email on the front page of the website but incredibly a company which has paid over $44 million to members has to rely on a free G mail address? Why use a G mail address at all when Lenah is said to have her own address

RED FLAG: The site Terms & Conditions and extremely long and clearly intended to prevent anyone from claiming payment. First they were last updated May 14th, 2019 which is a year BEFORE the website was created and also they refer to members from 2016 so clearly this site is a clone of older sites but the biggest red flag of all is that the fact that if you are under 99 years of age you cannot use the site. Nobody will be paid.

What is Really?

Obviously this is a free to sign up site so they are not walking away with members sign up money but they do have your data. They have your email address and personal data that is entered into surveys and apps. The site is a site dedicated to collecting personal data perhaps sold, perhaps used for sending out phishing emails or making cold calls for example.

2020-08-16 Update – the email I received from suggesting I use multiple devices to claim against the same apps multiple time is interesting and may give a clue to how they are making money …. phishing?

What is absolutely clear is that you will not get paid and when you eventually achieve the requirements for payment such as 10 referrals, $1,000 in earnings and are close to $100 in referral earning commissions and claim payment there are lots of excuses stated to say you don’t qualify or maybe you will simply be locked out! This notice appeared after 1 attempt to log back in with correct account details.

Conclusion should be avoided. Do not sign up.

It is definitely possible to make good money online but it takes time and effort. Do you want to succeed and make money online then please visit my article Review Wealthy Affiliate Program