Review Traffic Exchange Program

Traffic is something which must be on the mind of very affiliate marketer or for that matter the owner of any website which aims to attract business. What is traffic and how does a traffic exchange program help in generating traffic?

This article will focus on Traffic Exchanges but for generating traffic through Safelist Marketing please read my article Review Best Safelist Sites

What is Traffic?

Traffic is the flow of potential customers filing past your store or place of business. In physical terms the owner of a retail outlet is looking to place his store in a high traffic location such as a busy high street or mall because the more traffic or potential customers passing the store the better the chance that some will visit, browse and therefore make his store a success.

Imagine a retail outlet in a side street around the corner from our successful high street store. There is very little traffic down the side street so few potential customers and even fewer likely to visit, browse and buy.
This store will not be so successful.

Your website is just like a retail outlet in need of high traffic. Of course your website has to offer something people want just like the high street store so content is king but great content is nothing if nobody knows it’s there. Our recommended affiliate marketing training platform Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to get high rankings in Google and Bing for instance and for long term traffic development this is essential but traffic exchanges are a great way to generate traffic quickly.

What is a Traffic Exchange Site ?

A traffic exchange site is simply a site where the member can place advertising for his website or affiliate marketing opportunity. Members surf the ads, viewing each for a few second each then click to view the next ad earning credits in the process. Credits are then used to pay for more advertising. Traffic exchange sites generally offer free and paid memberships with various benefits offered to paid members such as extra credits or shorter viewing times. Traffic exchange sites also offer financial benefits for referrals making them affiliate marketing programs in their own right.

Because each ad runs for only a few seconds the ad must load quickly. Most members will not run their websites because they load too slowly but instead will run splash or capture pages intended to attract attention, communicate a message and give a call to action with join button or a field for an email address.

How Best to Surf Traffic Exchanges ?

Some people are happy to surf traffic exchanges one at a time but I find the best is open several tabs at the same time then click from tab to tab. How many tabs you can open depends on your machine so be careful not to open too many and slow down the whole process. When you have learned the habits of each site it’s possible to arrange the tabs for the most efficient so you never have to wait for the count down. Do take care to watch out for special offers which are great to collect but also are used by site owners to check surfers are paying attention.

What are the Best Traffic Exchange Sites ?

When I got involved with traffic exchange sites maybe 10 years ago there were manual and auto traffic exchanges. Auto traffic exchanges did not require anyone to be actually watching the ads but because everyone was doing the same and nobody was looking at the ads the model was pointless. Today most reputable sites are manual traffic exchanges but it pays to consider membership numbers and longevity of the site.

I regularly surf more than 10 traffic exchange sites and use TE Command Post to monitor them. The following are links to TE Command Post plus my top 5 traffic exchanges and other sites in the TE Command Post system. If in need of serious traffic I encourage you to join these.

I may change this list occasionally as I find better programs so please bookmark this page and come back from time to time.

TE Command Post

TE Command Post is a site which helps traffic exchange surfers manage their surfing monitoring available credits and earned commissions, and lists the best traffic exchanges. Many of these are listed below. TE Command Post is all about efficient surfing. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.

Traffic Ad Bar

Traffic Ad Bar is one of my favorite traffic exchange programs already with high volumes of traffic but regularly offering 1000 clicks for logging in and double surf credits. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.

Buckets of Banners

Bucket of Banners or BOB has over 16,000 members and is a little different. Site owners can place code on their sites and earn impressions to get their ads seen on other sites in the network, but there are several more ways to earn impressions, for site owners and non-sites owners alike. Options include surfing to earn impressions, placing a link code into other sites, promote your ISP, Interactive Splash Page, earning from referrals and of course purchasing impressions. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.

Farm Traffic

Farm Traffic is one of the TE Command Post monitored sites and is a fun site on a common format offering daily bonus opportunities. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.

Farm Traffic


Established in 2000 WebmasterQuest is one of the more popular traffic exchanges and also included in the TE Command Post system. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.


Easy Hits 4 U

Easy Hits 4U is on of the largest traffic exchanges claiming over 1,600,000 members and is an absolute must join. This is also part of the TE Command Post system. Sign up for a free membership by clicking the banner below.


For a full list of traffic sites visit here.