What is a Time-Based Advertising System?

What is Time-Based Advertising?

Time-Based Advertising is a new concept introduced by State-of-the-Art Mailer. Not only do you get credits for clicking ads that can help you escalate to higher mailing levels through the SOTAM Button Escalation System, you also now earn “Time” that can be applied to running a 468×60 banner on all SOTAM Networked sites.

Website and Blog owners are able to place a widget on their website which banners run through creating a Network.

In return the Website and Blog owners are rewarded with a Network Page where, depending on the views on their widget, will get them “ranked” and allow them to promote their website or blog at the same time on that page.

That widget has the Network Page link in it and is “infused” with the owners SOTAM affiliate link. They anticipate it will get a lot of traffic and create passive sign ups for those owners.

What Does This Mean For Members?

As a SOTAM member, you get access to a Banner Network that has the potential to be huge… AND … we can promote on it without having to pay for it. All we have to do is earn time doing what we would normally do.

This is yet another reason to be an active member at State-Of-The-Art-Mailer. Button Escalation, Profit Sharing, and now gaining “Time” to run a Time-Bonus Ad on a Network designed for growth!

This system was also designed to:

*Generate back links from SOTAM to your website, blog or business opportunity and SEO them in the process.

*Create passive sign ups (no-recruiting) to SOTAM and the site you are promoting on the Network Page.

*Generate sign ups from a Banner Network designed for massive growth.


How to Join?

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