Why do You Need Google Analytics? Here are 8 Reasons Why!

The Google Analytics service was launch in 2005 to track and report on website traffic as part of the Google Marketing Platform. Not only does it report on traffic but it graphically reports on what sort of traffic your website is receiving, where the traffic is from, what they do on your site, what keywords are generating traffic, how much time visitors spend on your site and what they are doing while visiting.

Here are 8 reasons why you need Google Analytics.

Reason 1 – Where is your traffic from?

Referral traffic is traffic which arrives at your website from another site. Understanding the source of your traffic means you can focus your promotional efforts more effectively to maximize your return on investment or ROI. If you are spending money on advertising but are not receiving traffic from that source then you can consider whether to change the advertising or location you are advertising, If you are achieving good traffic from advertising in a certain location then you might consider increasing your advertising budget on that location.

Reason 2 – What geographical region is your traffic from?

Google Analytics has geographical filters which allow you to either group countries into regions tracking date from multiple countries in that region; or you can choose to filter smaller geographical regions even to individual cites for a more focused approach. This is important because advertising a certain product or service may be more effect in one region than another and you do not want to waste your advertising budget trying to sell a product or service to the wrong market.

Reason 3 – Target a specific customer base

Using the Google Analytics Segment Builder the user can set up a specific filter targeting a segmented customer base selected Each one of your customers is different. They react to your website differently and they perform different actions on it. You can use GA’s Advanced Segments feature to classify your customers based on certain factors such as age, sex, language, location etc.

Reason 4 – Improve campaign effectiveness

By using Google Analytics you can adjust or tweak your campaigns focusing them in on the target market eliminating guesswork and improving your ROI.

Reason 5 – Set and manage your targets

Through Google Analytics Goals you can monitor or track your progress in achieving goals you have set for yourself and develops your ongoing strategy. This combined with improving campaign effectiveness really gives focus to your business.

Reason 6 – Make sure your keyword selection is effective.


In my article Review Jaaxy Free Keyword Finder I introduced the Jaaxy keyword search tool which is an essential tool for selecting keyword phrases for your articles, however Google Analytics then allows you to see how effective your choices have been in bringing traffic to your site so you can adjust of needed.

Reason 7 – Monitor Content Acceptance

As explained in my article Review Wealthy Affiliate Training creating good content is essential to maintaining return traffic but how do you know which articles work and which don’t? Google Analytics provides a breakdown of traffic by blog post / page view so you can adjust your focus to improve traffic retention.

Reason 8 – Monitor Social Media Engagement

Social media platforms are one of the best and fastest growing platforms through which to market your product and services but you may have more success on some than others so Google Analytics provides data on social media engagement which helps you focus your marketing budget and efforts where it makes the biggest impact.

Google Analytics is free and you can simply log in with any Google account such as a Gmail address to start. The service will provide a piece of code which you insert into your website. If using WordPress it’s a simple operation but if interested in learning more about Google Analytics and how to install and use it, then it is part of the Wealthy Affiliate training course. Join here to explore for yourself.